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Barra10 is an independent restaurant in the lively Broadway Market, Tooting, but also a culinary journey fueled by the passion of an Argentinian chef husband and a Mexican wife couple. This journey unfolds with honesty and authenticity, as we craft each dish from scratch.

A traditional steakhouse, easy to understand, direct, and without long pompous speeches empty of content. Our menu reflects our Argentinian and Mexican roots, enriched by our personal experiences, extensive travels, local inspiration, and the valuable contributions of our diverse team.

From succulent Argentinian chargrilled steaks to refreshing ceviches, freshly baked empanadas, ox cheeks nuggets, mouthwatering tacos, and much more...

The true magic of Barra10 lies in using exceptional ingredients, well-treated and with simple techniques, putting the focus on grilling over charcoal.

Elevate your dining experience by pairing your meal with a choice from our carefully selected wine list, showcasing the best of Argentinian varietals with a spotlight on exquisite Malbecs. Or if you are feeling adventurous, take a sip of our own handcrafted Vermouth, infused with captivating aromas right here in-house, or explore our selection of locally crafted beers and Argentinian lagers for a refreshing accompaniment to your visit.

Behind it all is the extensive knowledge and skill of our chef patron, Dani Cives, with over 25 years of culinary experience in Argentina, Mexico, Italy, and the UK, ensuring each dish is crafted to perfection. Marion is in charge of the front of house and with her friendly soul and her natural Mexican welcoming spirit, will ensure that you receive warm service in a friendly atmosphere

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